Based in Turkey, DRUG BLVD is a brand-new project and label from the founders of the renowned progressive/trance label, Blue Soho Recordings. In conjunction with its launch, DRUG BLVD is also announcing its first compilation album, also called DRUG BLVD, which can be perceived as the brief sum of the vision and musical understanding that the label embraces from now on.

While the word "drug" evokes anesthetics, drugs and chemical products, what we mean with "drug" is completely different. Handling this metaphorically, much as it is a label which comes up with popular products, the word "drug" represents "addiction" of the artists, musicians, designers, and everyone else who takes part in the Drug Boulevard collective. Everyone who participated in the DRUG BLVD compilation was chosen as if they were the cornerstone of the project.

Besides the dozens of different, creative, qualified and distinct projects, DRUG BLVD aims to be a real collective by including everyone who works with them and adding the ideas of the people who are addicted to art. We support this addiction. We want to create a series of albums and a real discovery for the listeners who share this addiction. DRUG BLVD's first album offers 8 different artists' exclusive works, and we hope that listeners love it as much as we do.